Ecosystem Handbook

The ART of Leading and Creating IMPACT


The Ecosystem Handbook describes the ART of leading and creating impact.

In this context the “art” is in the spirit of Sun Tsu’s the Art of War. It is about solving problems that a single company or organization cannot solve alone. It is about becoming faster, stronger, more resilient and innovative. And by doing that creating value for all ecosystem partners and broader society and economy. But above all, it is about developing organizational empathy – the ability to understand other organizations and people.

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The Book

The Ecosystem Handbook provides a fresh and engaging insight to everyone collaborating within ecosystems and to those who wish to build and lead them successfully — with an impact. Impact can be improved by aligning organizations and people rationally but above all, it is about empathy and caring organizational culture. It is about developing the capabilities to understand and lead other organizations and people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. The book provides new and practical tools to ecosystem partners for solving grand challenges together.


The Ecosystem Handbook is a hands-on guide combining rational and emotional elements of leadership, followership, understanding the context, learning, and managing yourself and others. The authors have all global experience in leading people, organizations and self – in the context of global organizations and ecosystems.

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Sari Kola

Sari Kola

Sari is an entrepreneur with passion to growth strategy, open innovation, ecosystems and digitalization. Researcher focusing on organizational culture and leadership Board member and advisor to start-ups and author of blog. Read more

Ulla Koivukoski

Ulla Koivukoski

Ulla is passionate about developing a collaborative mindset for customer delight, employee and partner engagement and wellbeing of people and societies. With this attitude she has built industry firsts in number of technology areas. Read more

Laura Koponen

Laura Koponen

Laura leads a team of innovation management professionals, tackling global challenges through innovations evolving from ecosystems. She is passionate about education, an angel investor and board member. Read more

Markku Heino

Markku Heino

Markku has wide substance expertise, communication and people leadership skills. He has been in a key role in building ecosystems and multi-party projects with real impact and creating the trust and enthusiasm needed to lead them to results. Read more


Keynotes and Lectures

Tailored “Ecosystem essentials” keynotes and lectures for executives and academics.


Cultural Transformation

Purpose discovery. Competence development for teams and individuals.


Ecosystem Building

Help in building impactful Ecosystems: From understanding why one should to scoping, partner search and orchestration. For project managers, ecosystem partners, management teams, and board members.


N2: Digital Solutions

Partner mapping and digital platforms for your ecosystems. Purpose visualisation and communications.

What a feeling!

The book is finally available from print. After weeks of waiting, it felt great to hold the book in our hands. For a moment, we stopped planning the future and focused on the present: And celebrated the achievement with Ulla in the place where all great authors and artists are known to gather: Hotel Kämp […]

Learning the art of creating impact

“A watched pot never boils” is a proverb that describes the fact that time seems to slow down when eagerly waiting something to happen. The proverb is very well fitted to describe our feelings this week. We are really looking forward to the book to come out of print. Next week it finally does! Make […]

Network or Ecosystem?

It’s been good two weeks since our “Discussion Starter Event” took place. After the event, we have received lots of comments and supportive messages – and some questions as well. Thank you for those! It is great to see that the topic is catalyzing thoughts in all fronts – academia, business and consultants alike. One […]

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