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We wrote The Ecosystem Handbook to help organizations and people work together. It introduces hands-on tools to develop the key capabilities essential for achieving results together.

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Key Ecosystem Capabilities


Contextual Understanding

Strategic sensitivity for the business environment, awareness of the trends and change drivers. Combined with intense real-time and real-life sense-making in strategic situations as they emerge and evolve, it is a foundation of discovering problems worth solving and partners to solve them with.


Defining a problem that is worth of solving. Distilling it to a purpose that engages partner organizations and people working in them both rationally and emotionally - and building objectives based on it are essential for any ecosystem.

Adaptable Leadership

Leadership unity is about the ability to make bold decisions. Respect and acceptance of diversity in organizational and individual levels. Resource fluidity that involves the capability to reconfigure business systems and re-deploy resources, management and leadership approaches that support understanding self and others - the foundation for collaboration and joint learning.

The Ecosystem Handbook

The Ecosystem Handbook provides an engaging insight to everyone collaborating within ecosystems and to those who wish to build and lead them successfully — with an impact. Impact can be improved by aligning organizations and people rationally but above all, it is about empathy and caring organizational culture.

It is about developing the capabilities to understand and lead other organizations and people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. The book provides new and practical tools to ecosystem partners for solving grand challenges together.

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Ecosystem Handbook was published by Alma Talent in 2020. It is available through their website with the following link. For international online orders, please contact us.