Find the right tools to support your collaboration – and manage it both rationally and emotionally!


Our unique approach is based on hands-on experience and deeply rooted in research  that keeps our services fresh. The Ecosystem Toolbox includes downloadable canvases, introductions about how to use them and more.

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Eight canvases to support your ecosystem journey

The Ecosystem Handbook comes with eight canvases to support your ecosystem journey: Purpose (canvas 1), rational leadership (canvases 2-4) and emotional leadership (canvases 5-7) and leadership (canvas 8).

  1. Purpose
  2. Business Model
  3. Objectives Setting
  4. Context
  5. Superpowers
  6. Culture
  7. Team
  8. Leadership
Ecosystem Journey

Ecosystem Journey

Creating impact every step of the way

The Ecosystem Journey is a simple framework that supports understanding the leadership challenges that emerge when different organizations and people work together.

We approach the leadership challenges from both rational and emotional points of view and provide a toolbox for ensuring successful execution along the Ecosystem Journey.

By downloading the  Introduction to the Ecosystem Journey you will learn how the ecosystem evolves. It introduces the management cycle designed to ensure that the ecosystem stays true to the purpose, articulates objectives in transparent way and builds on strengths of partner organizations and people delivering impact every step of the way.

Rational and emotional

How to use canvases

Hands on guide to the art of leading ecosystems

If you have downloaded the canvases, you have already taken the first step towards understanding the Ecosystem Leadership Cycle.

The “How to use Canvases” enhances the chapter 14 of the Ecosystem Handbook by introducing the user to typical leadership challenges along the ecosystem journey. It provides practical tips for winning together and creating impact every step of the way.

Coming soon: Training content to give you a “deep dive” to using the canvases.