“A watched pot never boils” is a proverb that describes the fact that time seems to slow down when eagerly waiting something to happen. The proverb is very well fitted to describe our feelings this week. We are really looking forward to the book to come out of print. Next week it finally does!

Make no mistake, we are not only waiting but very focused on the next steps. The book is a comprehensive information package for different audiences. It is targeted to ecosystem leaders working in large national and global corporations, SME executives and start-uppers that actively catalyst and collaborate with them, as well as leaders in public organizations who may take very different roles. Not an easy task. Therefore, during the past weeks, we have been creating content for the first training sessions around the topic. The content starts to take shape and we are eager to share the first outcomes.

Ecosystems: Theory & Practice

Ecosystem discussions are often very conceptual. Considering the different partners and stakeholders the challenges related to understanding one’s own role and potential for innovation and development. The “Ecosystems: Theory & Practice” is a great way to get an overview of the theory and enhance it with practical case studies.

Ecosystems Theory and Practice
The Ecosystems: Theory & Practice is a short overview of the concepts and selected cases targeted for anyone working in an ecosystem.

It was great to get an opportunity to test the content and training concept with a group of executives studying networked organizations in the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. Even though the session was run remotely, the interaction with the group felt good, and based on the feedback, the feeling is mutual.

“The lecture on Saturday morning was spot on and the content was great in all measures! Spontaneous feedback from the program participants was excellent. They particularly liked the clear language and visuals. And, so did I. Well done! The lecture was also a really good fit with the rest of the course content. I am really looking forward to receiving my copy of the Ecosystem Handbook”

Dr. Sanna Nieminen, Principal Lecturer, JAMK

Ecosystem Fundamentals

In addition to the Ecosystems: Theory & Practice, there is a “heavier” information package available for those who want more details. Ecosystem Fundamentals does that in an engaging way.

Ecosystem Fundamentals
“Ecosystem Fundamentals” is a thorough information package paving the way to the art of creating impact.

Based on the initial feedback, the content was well received and served as a basis for further development from an ecosystem orchestrator’s point of view. We are looking forward to receiving further feedback and will share it with you as soon as we’ll receive it.

Call for action: Learn the art of creating impact

Like all authors we are really looking forward to the interaction with the audience, the readers and those who work in the ecosystem context. Furthermore, we are eager to discuss with anyone working as an ecosystem leader, orchestrator or partner – to hear about your challenges and find insights and best practices applicable to your industry, your business situation and challenges.

Next week marks a major milestone when the book comes out of print. And while we hope that as many of you will buy it, we are looking forward to receiving feedback and discussing the above themes together with you.

Therefore, we call you to act: If you are interested in learning the art of creating impact in ecosystems or just want to know more about the topic, please contact me soonest!


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