The book is finally available from print. After weeks of waiting, it felt great to hold the book in our hands. For a moment, we stopped planning the future and focused on the present: And celebrated the achievement with Ulla in the place where all great authors and artists are known to gather: Hotel Kämp Brasserie in the center of Helsinki.

Ulla ja Sari

Now when the book is available, we hope that many of you buy it. It is available from the Alma Talent webshop, and if they deliver on their promise, the book will be in your hands in 1-2 days. If you want to “peek inside” before buying, you’ll find the foreword and first chapters here.

We also had an opportunity to discuss the topic with other authors and the press this week. Looking into this fall’s business book menu, there are many that appear interesting. Especially Mikko Leskelä’s Business Anthropologist (in Finnish), that looks into strategic decision considering the human side of things. Discussing with Mikko, it seems that we are both addressing the same topic: Business is not only rational, emotions are equally important!

Talking about emotions – this week it has been sheer happiness. In today’s in tangible world, a physical book feels great. And it is great to see, that the book looks just like we visioned it. The Ecosystem Handbook is easy to approach, colourful – a workbook that invites the reader to start reading. Please do!

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